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iPhone XR

Refurbished Apple iPhone XR in Various Grades Depending on the Cosmetic Condition. Check Grading For More Info

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Apple iPhone XRBrilliant. In every way.All-new Liquid Retina display — the most advanced LCD in the ..
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Despite the iPhone being recognized as one of the most premium handsets available, Apple soon discovered that not everyone needed the top specifications. As such, Apple would release the iPhone XR in 2018 alongside the more expensive XS and XS Max. Apple iPhone XR was one of the least expensive iPhones in the Apple flagship lineup.  Apple compared the "R" with rally or race cars because of their endurance and the XR lives upto its name as its battery easily outlasts the other iPhone models. It would be easy to assume that a phone with lowers specs may not be a hit with the general public, but nothing could be further from the truth. Not only was Apple able to win over customers that may have been dissuaded by price before, but It also became one of the bestselling handsets in the third quarter of 2019. As well as being a more affordable handset for Western culture, the affordability of the iPhone XR meant that it also found a customer base in countries such as India & Australia.

Apple iPhone XR Specifications

The aesthetics of the handset are like that of the iPhone X and XS, albeit with some differences. The iPhone XR was also released in a series of colors:

· Black

· White

· Blue

· Yellow

· Red

· Coral

As with other iPhones, the iPhone XR also comes in different variants regarding storage capacity, with the following options available.

· 64GB

· 128GB

· 256GB

As expected, the larger the capacity of the phone, the higher the price will be. Those who are only using their smartphone casually should find that the 64GB is more than enough storage. However, those looking for a handset that can store personal videos and music will probably need more storage.

Regardless of the color of the handset, all variants contain a black front. Although the iPhone XR does have limited specifications when compared to other handsets, this does not make the handset a shrinking violet, as the changes made still offer a premium experience that makes the iPhone XR a worthwhile consideration.

Although the 3D Touch has been removed, this has been replaced by Haptic Touch, which requires the user to long press on the screen until feedback is felt. The screen is a 6.1-inch Liquid Retina variant as opposed to the OLED screens seen on other iterations, which delivers a resolution of 1792 x 828.

Despite the lower price of the iPhone XR range, users can still take impressive photographs thanks to a 12MP rear camera and take effortless selfies with the 7MP front-facing camera. However, those that are used to the optical zoom feature need to be aware that it is omitted from the XR due to it only containing a single camera.  

Another area of the iPhone XR that found popularity with users was the 2942 mAh battery which offers up to 16 hours of talk time, impressive given the lower price.

Why consider the Apple iPhone XR?

When purchasing a smartphone, many can be sideswiped by a series of impressive specifications. Although there are many impressive smartphones, the facts it that man pay a high price for a handset that contains features that are rarely used, if they are used at all.

Despite some of the downgrades made, the subtle difference made do not affect the overall Apple experience that still offers enough impressive specifications for the price paid.

Apple iPhone XR price in Australia

The iPhone XR is a great device launched by Apple in October 2018 and is the successor of iPhone X. Although it is not a flagship device because it compromises on some of the high-end features but it was designed to be a competitive option at a mid-level price point. It was launched in three variants. iPhone XR 64 Gb, iPhone XR 128 Gb and iPhone XR 256 GB. Later on, a different version was launched which was called the iPhone XR red or product red. Apple iPhone XR price in Australia in 2020 is around $700 for 64Gb, $ 850 for 128 Gb and $ 929 for 256 Gb for a refurbished model. The RRP is much higher than this and starts at $1049 AUD 

Where to buy iPhone XR case?

There was a whole range of accessories that were launched alongside iPhone XR including iPhone XR cases. Many sellers including Phonebot offers accessories for the iPhone XR and you can check these accessories on our website or visit our shop in Melbourne.

Where can I buy iPhone XR?

If you want to buy iPhone xr in Australia you can check out sellers like Officeworks, jb hi fi and the likes. However, since it was launched alongside the other smartphones you should thoroughly conduct an analysis on which phone best fits your budget. Phonebot offers great deals on all refurbished phones including iPhone XR. Mobile networks like Telstra and Optus also offer great iPhone XR plans.

Apple iPhone XR screen replacement. Is it worth it in 2020?

You should be looking to pay anywhere between $100-$180 AUD for iPhone XR screen replacement (part+labor) depending on where you get it fixed from. Some repair places charge more so make sure to shop around before you hand your phone in for repair. All screen replacements should come with a warranty and the quality of the screen should be same or very close to the original display quality. Ask our friendly staff for screen replacement options for reliable and expert advice